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What's Your Hiring Process?

Everyone agrees that employees are critical to the success of your business but we often find that our clients are reactive when it comes to hiring. They have processes for the financial, marketing and the operational components of their business, but haven't considered a process for hiring.

What we normally hear goes something like this; We have an opening, we post the job, we receive applications and look at work history, skills and interview a few candidates.

We then hire the person whose availability, salary requirements and experience fit our needs.

Unfortunately, they haven't put a lot of thought into the candidate's personal characteristics because the business owner has not yet identified their own values.

Ann Rhoades says the key to successful hiring is to hire people who already believe in and display your values.

So the first step in developing a hiring process is to identify your own values.

Once you've done this, you're ready to incorporate your values into the hiring process starting with Job Descriptions and then interviews.

Let's look at an example of how to find the people that share our values.

A common value for our clients is teamwork. A simple example of this is coming to work when scheduled and being on time, so being dependable is key to understanding and living the teamwork value.

How do you emphasize this during an interview? Ask the candidates to provide you with examples of how they've demonstrated teamwork in their previous roles.

If they truly share the value of teamwork, they will have many examples to provide including how they have assisted their peers during a heavy workload or helped a peer learn a new skill. You may even have to move them on to the next question because of the enthusiasm they display when discussing teamwork. Non-team players will have to think hard to answer the question. They may struggle to provide a response and when they do it's vague and unenthusiastic.

If teamwork is one of your company values, then you should do yourself a favor and steer clear of anyone who can't readily provide teamwork examples.

Building a successful team requires that all of your employees, whether it’s 1 or 100, are committed to your company's values. Hire for attitude and train for skills, as the saying goes. Once you do this, you will see that you are spending more time on developing staff and driving your business than on hiring, firing, and worrying.

If you’re frustrated with employee turnover, or productivity, and are ready to implement a hiring system to drive your business to the next level we can help. We'll set the foundation by helping you determine your values and incorporate those values into all components of your hiring process.

If you're ready to grow your business, call us.

Sara Mays

Co-Founder & Principal Consultant

The Retail Coach Consultant Group - NY



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