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2 Commitments to Drive an Outstanding Customer Service Experience and Sales

As physical stores continue to face the changes and challenges of the retail landscape, we hear conversations about providing the customer with a memorable experience. Most companies understand that, regardless of technology, this will always be about your people.

We’ve read and written about the impact of social media on sales and how to utilize customer feedback to drive sales (Improving Your Sales in 3 Steps ). Now let’s explore the power of social media on hiring.

One of the most popular places for employee feedback is Glassdoor. It’s a website where current and former employees anonymously review companies and their leaders. Many people believe that Glassdoor only reflects reviews for large companies and initially, that was true, but it now reflects reviews for all size companies. Much like other social media sites, companies are rated on star system with 5 stars being the best. The site states that they verify the reviews come from real people through technological checks of email address and a review by a content management team. They also note that approximately 20% of reviews are rejected.

I’ve spoken to CEOs and Presidents of companies about Glassdoor, and often, they are initially skeptical of the feedback. However, once they review it for themselves, they begin to understand its impact on their brand. Like all social media feedback, we have to identify trends and patterns to determine the depth of the issues. Once we understand the issues, we can determine solutions. In the interim, though, your company may be being missing out on highly qualified candidates.

Consider a candidate that is researching potential open positions. They come across 2 companies with openings. They proceed to Glassdoor and identify that Company A has a Glassdoor score of 4 stars. Company B has a Glassdoor score of 2.6 stars. The potential employee is more likely to apply for the open position in Company A, so Company B is missing out on at least one sales rock star.

Commitment 1:

Improving your social media score with employees is not a quick fix. It requires an authentic commitment to the people you interview and eventually hire. Yes, I said interview. Building a lifelong customer base is impacted by how you treat candidates, as well as those you hire. Everyone is a potential customer. Follow-up with those you elect not to hire should be thought of as good customer service. A call, email, or text to thank the candidate for speaking to you ensures that they maintain a positive image of your brand.

Commitment 2:

Once you’ve hired an amazing candidate, you want to ensure that they feel appreciated.

On-going communication with your staff allows them to share their thoughts and ideas, and it reiterates that they are a valued member of your team. Engaged staff members will communicate your strong leadership on sites like Glassdoor. As a result, you will continue to attract outstanding talent. Their abilities and positive customer interactions will be reflected by your customers on Yelp and other social media reviews.

Building a great customer experience starts with hiring people with great attitudes, appreciating their talents, and recognizing their success. Positive reviews on employee feedback sites like Glassdoor can help you attract the people that will make your brand stand out. If you’d like help in developing a system focused on delivering an outstanding service experience, contact us at The Retail Coach Consultant Group.

Sara Mays

Co-Founder/Principal Consultant

The Retail Coach Consultant Group – NY


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